Run for a Charity

Create corporate teams

Participate in the Corporate Team Challenge and battle your friends, colleagues’ and competitors for title of the overall Corporate Challenge winner. A portion of each team entry fee is donated to the designated charity.

Forming a team is an excellent way to promote health and fitness at work and is a wonderful way to raise money for your favorite Charity.

Only the half Marathon will have a Corporate Charity Challenge. In addition to the overall winner, awards will be given to the top teams in the following groups:

  • First Responders; Any law enforcement (City, County, State or Federal) or Fire Department
  • Military Service
  • High School Group
  • Small Company (less than 500 employees)
  • Large Company (500 or more employees)
  • College Group
  • Religious Group

Teams must register as a Team and have up to 10 members.

Designate which Charity to receive your individual benefit

If you were requested to run by one of our official charities, please select them from the menu during the registration process to insure that they receive an extra incentive for your efforts.

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